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December 29, 2017

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We All Have To Start Somewhere

April 15, 2017





David was a common shepherd. Paul was a violent, murderous persecutor of the church. Mary was a simple teenager waiting to be married. These are people who stepped out of their comfort zone and accepted God's will for their life. They all had to start somewhere to eventually become champions of faith.

The enemy can make us question the Lord's will and the special people God placed in our lives. The devil will try to lure us in the wrong direction with manipulative tricks. When we allow him access, our families and marriages aren't immune to his deceptive ways either.


Allowing the enemy into our minds is usually a slow and sinister process. It begins when our pride gets the best of us.


We start to assume we know better than our spouse does. Abandoning prayer in moments of weakness starts to become a regular habit. Friends, when we're truly poisoned, we can even start to justify reasons for breaking our marriage covenant. Past wounds and fatigue become easy excuses to do what "feels good" instead of what is right. Seeds of unresolved anger can blossom into behaviors and addictions that can hurt everyone in the household. Even a few wounding words and actions targeted against our spouse breaks the heart of God. 


The covenant we've entered into with God and our partner isn't conditional, it's for better or worse. We believe that with the exception of abuse, this covenant is made to withstand all trials.


We don't need to take on these burdens ourselves, because Jesus wants to help! The Lord wants to see your marriage and family flourish in an incredible way. He's waiting with open arms to heal and bless us if we trust Him.


“The Lord does not see the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, The Lord sees the heart.”  


1 Samuel 16:7


With God's help, we can humble ourselves for the good of our families. We can ask The Lord to teach us to understand and acknowledge our spouse's heart. Hitting rock bottom does not disqualify anyone from God's grace. The Lord's vision extends beyond our circumstances.  


In fact, God loves you right now - in this exact moment.  The Lord cares deeply for you even while you're in the midst of chaos. However, He also loves you too much to leave you there.


When Jesus died, he showed us how much love was in God's heart for the entire world. The Lord longs for our full potential to be unveiled!


God had a different destiny in mind for a shepherd named David. Instead of herding sheep, The Lord wanted him as the King of Israel. What would the outcome be if Jesus hadn't appeared on the road to Damascus before Paul? Inside of becoming an Apostle, he would've continued to be an enemy of the church. Imagine if Mary hadn't had the faith and obedience to God needed to become a wonderful mother to our Savior.


At first, we can look at the situation we're in and assume the worst. We're in too deep and God can't possibly work a miracle within our circumstances. Thankfully, our current status does not have the final say, The Lord does. 


The Bible reminds us to be strong:


"Because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing."


James 1:3-4


Turning away from your sin in repentance is the first step. Let go of the egos, pleasures, obsessions, and insecurities that lead us to do destructive and horrible things. Embrace a Godly and joyful life; it is such an incredible feeling when we give those burdens to God and faithfully place our trust in him.


It is okay for you to be scared and imperfect. God is an artist, seeing beauty in situations that the world has deemed broken. Once we've committed our lives to him, choosing Him over our sin, that's when incredible things to happen!


But in this moment, when you're feeling hopeless, know that we all have to start somewhere.






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