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God Chose You - Becoming a Godly Man

December 29, 2017

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Heart of a Hero



Feel like you were made for more than just passively sitting on the couch? Haven’t you had enough of sitting on the sidelines of your own life? There’s great news, my friend, you were meant to be a starter!


God put the heart of a champion in every man. God made your heart for victory and great purpose! Jesus chose you to be a man of action, prayer, and integrity. God created you to be a valued warrior and a great hero.


I will be transparent with you, brothers. There are days I don’t feel like I possess the strength and courage needed to succeed. Sometimes, I've failed in an epic way. There are days that I completely fall on my face. I’m not proud to say it, but there have been times when I took other people down with me – people that loved and trusted me.


However, there is good news. We can overcome our own defeat! We are only vanquished if we stay down and refuse to believe that God offers a way out of our failures.


Consider the leader of the early church, Simon Peter. He was known for being loud and brash, refusing to back down and a fighter for what he believed in. He even argued with Jesus and tried to correct him.




But, Simon was a fisherman who would become a fisher of men. Before he could embrace being Peter, he would suffer a great fall and setback. The enemy targeted Peter and sought to use his guilt as a way to never rectify his relationship with Jesus. Thankfully, Jesus intercepted the ambush by praying for Peter.



The enemy hates marriage. He hates a sacred and loving covenant made with God. In fact, it sets him into a rage. When speaking our marriage vows, we are like matadors taunting a bull. Satan waits and watches for any signs of insecurity or overconfidence. When found, he will strike like a snake.  

Peter swore to Jesus that he would never deny him and would gladly give up his life for him. Later, Peter did refute Jesus. Not once, but three times! When Peter realized what he’d done, he began to sob wildly in the streets.


Are we any different when we fail our marriage and family? I know that feeling. I’ve seen great pain in my wife’s eyes and felt like Peter, tormented by my own self-seeking choices. I’ve made horrible decisions and my family shouldered the fallout - it’s a repulsive feeling. I can only imagine how Peter felt looking into the bloodied face of the savior, who had sacrificed everything for him despite his disloyalty.


Remember this, brothers. We took vows to honor and protect our wives and children. The enemy loves to deceive us, leading us to make ludicrous choices that are intended to bend and break our vows. But, take into account that before Peter repented, Jesus interceded on his behalf before the enemy could completely corrupt Peter’s life and faith.


Despite what you’ve done, if you’re willing to repent and sin no more, Jesus can intercede for your life too.


Consider what happened in Jerusalem during the Jewish celebration of Pentecost. Jesus sent his disciples power in the form of the Holy Spirit. Peter and the other disciples then proceeded to preach to the crowds. As a result, 3,000 people ended up committing their lives to Christ! What a victory!


My friend, that same power of redemption resides in you.


Where are the mighty warriors of the Tribe of Judah? Have you fallen? Has your sinful and selfish nature ruled you for too long? Is your wife’s gentle heart and spirit being destroyed by your careless actions? Could you be a better example for your children?


Give Jesus the chance to be everything you need. He is the perfect guardian and friend. Bring your hurts, insecurities, wounds, and failures to him. Confide in him all of the broken places within you and ask for restoration.


Why is it important to do this? Because He knows that you, your wife, and your children need a hero. He has worked miracles with situations that seemed futile in my own life. If you make him your hero, he will give you the strength, courage, and the steadfastness you need to be the champion for your family.





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