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God Chose You - Becoming a Godly Man

December 29, 2017

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I Sought God and Found My True Self


One of the worst feelings a husband and father can experience is failure.  It breaks a man down to realize that he's neglected his loved ones and God.  The Lord calls us to live as His sons, but when we've lost our connection with God or rejected Him from the beginning, we usually end up carrying ourselves more like clowns.


To put it plainly, Jesus Christ has saved my life. For years, I was my own worst enemy. I constantly self-sabotaged my own happiness, and attempted to destroy anyone brave enough to love me. 


My wife, son, parents, and in-laws have bestowed real love upon me and showed it consistently. This precious tribe of people have been my cheerleaders, and the only people to love me unconditionally.


Without God, I was blind to the blessings in my life. My entire family became a casualty to my porn addiction, adultery, video game obsession, and my macho ego. I carried myself like a cocky jerk with all the answers. In reality, I was an insecure coward with the lowest self-esteem of anyone I'd ever met.



I became a dog chasing his tail. I wanted to be the guy everyone liked, the perfect husband, and an excellent dad. But, my failing was that I thought I could be all these things without God as my leader and moral compass.


I lacked the maturity, self-control, and grace needed to be a great father and husband. In fact, I became the exact opposite of what I tried to be. I turned into a selfish monster.


My sin and destruction robbed me of precious moments with people I deeply care for. This foolish behavior cost me my job, my wife's trust and respect, and my little boy's ability to see me as one of the "good guys."


There have been many days when I wish I'd done everything so differently. I wish I'd truly committed my life to Jesus sooner, so years of my life hadn't been wasted mucking around in sin.


It has been difficult to move under the weight of my failures. But, God knew my heart and true desire to change.


Men, realize what is at stake here. We're in a time when we need Jesus more than ever! Let's wake up from the traps of pornography, pseudo-masculinity, selfishness, and adultery that the enemy has ensnared us in.


Our wives are in pain.  They are hurting badly and lonely.  With broken hearts, they are crying out for us to take up our crosses and follow Jesus. 





Let's be a better example for our children. No more exposing them to attitudes of laziness, selfishness, and entitlement. Our children are our investment in the future that need proper direction and guidance. We need to stop treating them as a burden and an inconvenience.


In reality, our families need us more than our XBOX, Play Station, or Facebook do. Let's put down the media distractions, and get plugged back into our families.


It's also important to know your worth! God has called you to be a husband and father - there is so much importance behind this calling. If we build our household and legacy without the foundation of God's Word, it will crumble. I speak from experience, brothers.  This requires devoting our lives to Him, prayer, repentance, and a promise to not repeat the sin.  


I'm still a work in progress. God is molding me into the man he wants me to be everyday. For me, Christ is a role model I can always depend on.


Your situation is never too bleak. Commit to letting Jesus transform your life and be prepared for a supernatural transformation.


After 40 years, I actually like who I am. The "new" me is what I'd searched for my whole life. He's a little scruffy and doesn't take himself too seriously. Sweating the small stuff isn't his thing anymore. He doesn't live for the attention of the crowd, but for the applause of Heaven and his loved ones.  He's kind. He's a good friend. He's a devoted husband and father. No longer a mercenary- he lives his life according to God's Word, not his own.


These days, It's a really good life.








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