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Our family is one of the most important assets God has given to us. Yet, it seems like our families tend to get the worst of us.


We put our best foot forward for our employer, friends, and church family.

It can be easy to be more "comfortable" with our loved ones. We take their affections for granted. Family life can be lived under a dangerous assumption; we expect they will love us even if we act unlovable.


When our boss gives us a deadline, we work hard to meet it. Yet, when our children ask us to play with them or our spouse asks for help around the house, we might say, "not right now, I'm busy. Maybe later."


When we get caught up in the demands and pace of the world around us, it can also be easy to unload our frustrations on our spouse or children.


What if we broke free from the cycle of putting our family second?


What if we bestowed more consideration, kindness, and respect to our loved ones?


Perhaps some of us have been neglecting one of the most important callings that God has for us. What if one of the most important ministries God has called us to do starts within our own four walls?


You may ask, where do I even begin?


Where do I turn when I get tired and burned out?


What is the ultimate goal for myself and my family?


Whenever we engage anything we need to remember three things:


1. I cannot do anything on my own.
2. It isn't about what I think or feel.
3. It's all about what Jesus wants to do for my family through me.


"God will bless those who are poor in spirit and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs." Matthew 5:3


If we are honest with God and ourselves, we will declare we have no resources on our own. Our families need the best we can offer them. The best we can give is what God desires for them through us.


By embracing the Truth of how much we need God, we can give our families everything they need and deserve.




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