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God Chose You - Becoming a Godly Man

December 29, 2017

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God Chose You - Becoming a Godly Man


Jesus demands that we lay aside everything, including our fears and doubts, and follow after Him.


The Lord chose you to be the spiritual leader of your household before you even laid eyes on your wife.  


Satan knows this as well, and we must be aware of his desire to corrupt that.  It is very likely that the issues and problems in your household are a result of demonic attacks from your childhood. Satan knew how much of a threat you could be if you reached your potential. He did his worst to ensure that you would go into building your marriage and family with an emotional handicap.


Let's take an honest look at the landscape of family in today's society.  We have an epidemic of pornography among males and females of all ages, some as young as 11 years old.  


Infidelity is not treated like the fatal sin that it is. There are television shows dedicated to glorifying scandalous housewives and wealthy, deceitful husbands. Sin is being glorified all around us, made to look glamorous and alluring.


People divorce and remarry so quickly, marriage is treated like a return policy at a department store.


"The chemistry fizzled out."


"She gained weight after having our kids and I lost interest."


The fit wasn't quite to your liking? Just return your spouse and forget about the whole covenant deal - hassle free!


Broken homes are producing wounded people at an alarming rate. These shattered people are beginning families of their own, never tending to their emotional scars, and having those wounds continue to fester. Before they know it, they are being passed on to their offspring.


I can personally speak on this truth, because I was one of those shattered people.


If we want to successfully shepherd our families through the wasteland of sin in our culture, it's time to refocus our priorities. 


We need to open our Bibles, and take up our crosses.




This is not meant to discount the contributions and wonderful blessings of wives.  But we do need to be leaders within our household.  The stability, safety, and growth of our families is our chief responsibility in life.  When we are not following God, our families are at a terrible risk.


A Biblical example is King Saul, as told in the books of Samuel. He was Israel's first king, and considered to be the total package.  He was a wealthy, handsome warrior chosen by God.  Unfortunately, being wealthy and handsome meant absolutely nothing without following God.


Saul had a family who ended up suffering horribly due to his selfishness and lack of vision.


He took his daughter, Michal, away from David.  His daughter loved David with all of her heart.  Michal was then given to a man she barely knew.


Saul's son, Jonathan was killed in battle.


Saul's grandson was seriously injured and spent most of his childhood as a cripple.


Broken and alone, Saul himself ended his own life on the field of battle.  Just like Saul, we fall on our swords without the Lord. 


It is on us to follow God and to keep our families safe from harm through prayer and obedience.

There is so much that the Bible teaches about how we need to lead our families.  Jesus tells us that the greatest among us will be those who serve. (Matthew 23:11)  


Jesus said "the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and give His life as a ransom for many." (Matthew 20:28).  As Christians, we are to follow the example of Jesus. We should pray and ask for a servant's heart.  Jesus was very passionate about living in service to others.  He set the example for us many times in the Gospels. 


I believe that it means that we are called to serve our wives and our children.  Christ's example is to joyfully give them the time and efforts they deserve.  I honestly cannot think of a better way to display Christ's love and character in our homes.


It is not a matter of being polished or perfect.  Being a real man is all about the heart.  If your heart belongs to Jesus, He can love and protect your family better than you could on your best day.  The best way to provide for your family is to give yourself to Jesus and then allow Him to begin His work within you. He loves you, believes in you, and chose you as the man in your house.



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