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God Chose You - Becoming a Godly Man

December 29, 2017

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Surrender is Power

November 26, 2018




I have a real problem bending the knee.  I'm headstrong and self-confident. I love to win arguments. My flesh has led me to demise. It took Jesus breaking me down to my foundation to understand where real strength comes from.


The only power a man can truly possess comes from surrender to the love of Jesus Christ.


I know that as a husband, my wife was designed to be loved and treated gently.  I have failed at that for the lion's share of our time together.  We just celebrated five years of marriage and I am still learning how to do this right.  Why?  This world doesn't raise men.  This world raises monsters.


This world praises dominance, violence, and "success" as hallmarks of real manhood. None of these things have any real value. 


Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ - Philippians 3:8


To me, dominance is synonymous with tyranny or even sadistic tendencies.  Violence for the sake of hurting or frightening someone is just an adult throwing a temper tantrum.  While according to the Bible, being successful is not evil, not at all.  However I know many, many, "Christians" who fall back on their material wealth to make them feel secure, and even lord it over poorer saints.  Even in their own church.


I have suffered greatly in the past, being enslaved by the deceptions of the world.  My temper, need to manipulate, and dominate nearly destroyed both my marriage and my life's calling to preach the gospel. I will never forget my wife's bright blue eyes staring up at me, tears rolling down her face. "I don't know you anymore. Where's the man I love? I miss my best friend!" she sobbed.  


The truth was a bitter pill to swallow, I had become a monster. I put on so many hats and masks trying to be "that guy." A mix of macho, funny, witty, attractive, and successful by the world's standards. 


In looking to Jesus, I discovered that surrender to God the Father's love, grace, and peace is where real power comes from.


Jesus presents to me, as a man, a picture of complete surrender to love and authority of God.  Jesus is able to love the unlovable.  Jesus protects those who cannot defend themselves.  Jesus commands the wind and the waves, disease and death, and the powers of hell shake in fear at the sound of His footsteps.


He gave up the power and throne of His kingdom to love us as we are.  He passes no judgement on us, yet refuses to leave as prisoners to sin.  He provides for our needs, abundantly, out of devotion and grace unto us all.


As a husband, surrendering to both Jesus helps cultivate me into the loving and caring man that my sweet wife deserves. As a father, giving up my need to be right and in control, helps me dream and laugh with my little boy.  Instead of trying to always make a point, surrender to Jesus is helping me to gain a better quality of life.


Knowing and giving up my life for Jesus is the only thing that matters to me.  It is everything I need to give my Bride and our children the only thing that matters to them.  A man who surrenders to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, is the most powerful man he can ever hope to be.


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