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Let Jesus Thrill Your Heart With What Lies Ahead

January 21, 2019





It’s frightening to go into the unknown.  Not because of what lies ahead, but because of what is lurking behind us.  So much of what we are afraid of has nothing to do with the future. The foundations of fear are solidly imprinted in our minds from the past.


No one is immune to fear that paralyzes us and steals our breath.  The Jewish people were so afraid of the giants in Canaan that is kept them in the wilderness for forty years.  Jonah was so afraid to go to Nineveh, he wound up in the stomach of a whale Peter was so afraid of what people would do to him if they discovered he was a disciple of Jesus,  he disowned his beloved Lord three times.


The Jews were haunted by the cruelty of the Egyptians.

Jonah ran away from Nineveh because of how they treated his people.

Peter lied because he had seen the beatings and torture Jesus suffered upon his arrest.


When God calls us to go forward, we usually look behind us and then refuse.  The future always has shades of the past because it is the past we are being called to overcome.  The hurts and the betrayals that scar us will return until we trust God to move past them.


This is not about positive thinking or even digging deep to find courage in the face of fear.  We must remember that fear is the master tool of the enemy. It obliterates our joy and destroys hope. Fear is deadly and highly effective. Fortunately, Jesus showed us the way to take it down.


Jesus sought the Father’s will for His life.  On the night He was betrayed, Jesus was in such agony, fearing the cross, that his sweat became drops of blood.  Yet, he gave Himself completely into the hands of God, trusting the His Father’s Will would win the day.


What’s paralyzing you?  What is keeping you from your Promised Land?  What demons are casting shadows in your heart?  


Jesus won the victory by going to the cross so that you could have all the power you need for victory and freedom.  Leave the fear of the past behind. Look to Our Father saying, “Thy Will Be Done!”


Let Jesus thrill your heart with the wonder of what lies ahead of you!


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