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December 29, 2017

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My Journey To Hear God's Voice

March 11, 2019





One of the things I hear so many Christians say is that they cannot discern the Voice of God.  They have a hard time knowing whether or not they are being led by themselves or by the Holy Spirit.  The saints in both the Old and New Testament don't appear to have this issue.


We carry miniature computers in our back pockets.  We can communicate across oceans.  We can translate languages with the press of a button.  Yet, we don't recognize the call of our Creator.


For me, in my experience, hearing God only comes from, one thing.  We must choose to spend time being intimate with God.  Jesus began everyday, in solitude and silence so that He could experience deep intimacy with His Father.  Our Father joyfully awaits to spend time with you far and above anything you can imagine.


Most days it is an all out war against my schedule and the needs of others around me to be intimate with My King.  It takes every ounce of intention I have to read the Bible, pray, and listen to Christ's heart.  Otherwise I will miss the soft whispers of His love, when i need it the most.


It isn't a one size fits all style of communication or experience.  It is something you can only understand in your Spirit.  The one thing that is true, is that the more time you spend in His Presence the more clearly you can hear Him.


If I don't make time to listen to what God says in His word, then my time on earth is wasted.  If I don't intend to glorify Christ with my choices, they will lead to ruin.

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